Our History

Here’s the history of Riaz Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd. (REL)

1979: Riaz Enterprises was founded by Haji Riaz (Late), marking the establishment of a pioneering venture in the textile industry.

1983: REL commenced operations in the local market, specializing in the supply of yarn and greige fabrics, laying the foundation for its future growth and expansion.

1994: A significant milestone was achieved when Mr. Sohail Pasha joined the company, initiating export operations for home textiles and expanding REL’s reach into international markets.

2007: The year marked a strategic move for REL as the concept of integrating the greige godown, weaving, stitching unit, and head office into a single premise was implemented. This consolidation aimed to streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency.

2010: In line with its commitment to continuous improvement and expansion, REL invested in the expansion of its weaving and stitching unit. This expansion not only increased production capacity but also underscored REL’s dedication to quality and innovation in textile manufacturing.

Each milestone reflects REL’s journey of growth, adaptability, and commitment to delivering exceptional textile products while embracing new opportunities and challenges in the industry.